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 12-19-14: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanuka, etc.  The time of the year's end is at hand (the winter solstice is in a few days) and we celebrate each year in our own ways.  If you're still looking for a gift to give for the holidays (and I'm not excluding a New Year's gift), consider a book or a gifted download.  There are three days left to order from Amazon for Christmas (with PRIME).  

 10-3-14: The M.O.T.H.E.R. audiobook was released; now available on ITunes and Audible; soon to be available on Amazon.

 9-22-14: The New Britain Herald (newspaper) has an article about me in it's "local" section.  It was written to correspond with the release of THE COLD TOWER audiobook but focuses on all areas of my writing.  It was released late last night (9-21) but was in today's paper (9-22).

 9-21-14: ITUNES has updated its listing of THE COLD TOWER

 9-18-14:  There's a new author photo on the website, taken on the day of my wedding.

 9-10-14:  I found THE COLD TOWER audiobook on Amazon and ITunes; though ITunes lists the book as "Young Adult"

Links have been updated.  Clicking on the image will bring you the Audible page.

 9-9-14: The audiobook for THE COLD TOWER is available for purchase.  The link to audible.com is above and on the "audio" page; I've been told that it can also be downloaded on Amazon and ITunes though I haven't found those myself.

 9-3-14: The M.OT.H.E.R. audiobook is being checked by ACX for any possible problems before it is released to retail.  Lizzy Andretta, the narrator, uploaded everything so quickly that it took me by surprise.  Let the wait begin; updates will be made as necessary.

 8-28-14:  THE COLD TOWER audiobook is on track to be released.  I don't know the release date, or price, at this time; but I'll post an update as soon as I get it.

 8-20-14: It's time to try again (this is not an exact repeat of the 8-13-14 news but it's similar); the ACX final review of THE COLD TOWER has begun.  It could easily be another 10 to 14 days.
In other audio news, someone is interested in M.O.T.H.E.R. and that will hopefully take-off.

 8-14-14: There are new problems with the audiobook for THE COLD TOWER.  It was so nice of ACX to inform the producer and me about some problems a couple of weeks ago but not all of them; further delaying the release of THE COLD TOWER and subsequent audiobooks in the series.  I'll post another update when more happens. 

 8-13-14: It's time to try again; ACX is again reviewing THE COLD TOWER for quality issues.  Hopefully all of the issues that had existed before have been fixed to ACX's standards.  10-14 days.

 7-25-14: ACX, the audio publisher, is currently reviewing THE COLD TOWER for quality issues.  Barring any problems, the audiobook will be available shortly!  According to Amazon, 'shortly' can be up to 10-14 days.  

 7-24-14: The audiobook for THE COLD TOWER will be finished very soon (next 24-48 hours or so).  But I'll post another update when it's finally available.  If this does as good as predicted, the rest of the Dark Heritage Saga will be recorded for future audiobooks.

 7-8-14: The 'Shop' has been updated; the 'Dinosaur' section has been expanded.

 7-2-14: Updates to 'About The Author', 'Books', and 'Links' have been done.

 6-26-14: The Cold Tower is going to be made into an audio book.  It is currently being recorded; I'll post another update once the audio book becomes available.

 6-14-14: Getting married today to my lovely fiance, Shannon Quinn!


Ok, so that's not the point of this post; I have converted M.O.T.H.E.R. so that it can be downloaded on the Amazon Kindle.  While I had thought that this had already been done... I was wrong and no mention was ever made to me.  If this is successful, which it should be, I will begin converting my other published books so that they can also be purchased from the Kindle.

If you have a Kindle (or any other e-book device) and you buy one of my books, let me know if there are any problems when you adjust the text size.

 5-15-14: Within the next 6 to 8 weeks, the following books of mine will be available for distribution to libraries and academic institutions: I encourage everyone to request that their local and favorite libraries carry my work.


Creatures of the Night


The Keeper's Gate

('The Cold Tower', 'The Shadow Road', and 'The Lost Worlds' have been available for some time but I still hope that people will request these books.  I can't make 'The Blood Fields' available unless I raise the MSRP which I don't want)

 5-14-14: I sent my latest work to the publisher; fingers crossed that it'll be accepted and available soon.

 4-21-14: I have begun the edits on 'JURASSIC' while beginning a new story with the tentative title 'THROUGH THE GLASS' which, if everything pans out, will lead to 'INCUBUS' in the future.

 4-11-14: It's started; a true sequel to the Dark Heritage Saga books has begun (yes, the short 'Wanderer' is a sequel to the DHS books but occurs in a different part of the world.  The book(s) include old and new characters with a focus on some of the newer characters.  The story revolves around a menacing plague sent from the East on a black ship of death.

Help choose the title of this new book in the poll at the bottom of the page!

 4-3-14:  It's been some time since my last 'news!!!!' update, I can hardly believe it.  2014 will be a great year, I just know it.

--I'm working to finish 'JURASSIC' which should be ready for publication later this year

--I'm working on the story for 'Creatures of the Night 2'

--I'm nearly finished with 'Son of Caesar'

--I'm almost done with the draft for 'Dinoriders' which I'll be submitting to Mattel this year and hopefully for future publication (fingers crossed)

--'Dragon Star' is almost done and has taken a turn that I hadn't predicted

--I've decided NOT to write a prequel to the Dark Heritage Saga though a sequel series isn't out of the question

 10-28-13: I've removed 'Wolfsbane' from the Coming Soon section because I've decided to put the 'Wolfsbane' character, Claire, into my NaNoWriMo novel 'Son of Caesar'.

 10-17-13: Aspiring authors, go to http://nanowrimo.org for advice and a 50K word challenge in November,

 10-13-13: I just finished Lovegrove's book 'The Age of Zeus' and I highly recommend it.  Also my friend is opening Infinity Music Therapy in Southington, CT today and I hope everyone has a chance to go.


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