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11-19-17: A 25% off discount code for the digital download of JURASSIC, good until the END OF THE YEAR on Smashwords: VH76X

09-01-17: If anyone is interested, several of my e-books on Smashwords are available for free (or you may choose to still pay for it if you'd like) because they are also posted for free on creepypasta.com and creepypasta.xyz (with ratings that will only make you enjoy them more)

Feel free to read at you leisure online or download one to your e-reader. 

 07-03-17: Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.  Happy Reclamation Day to the people of Midel.  Happy Dawn to the people of Lagos... oh, did I just spoil something? Um, enough for now; I'll just give updates.

Ebooks on Smashwords are on sale the month of July.

I'm on Patreon: consider becoming a Patron, click the link to the right (just below my picture).

I'm working on numerous new stories, titles and release dates to come. I'm currently limited on computer use (I'm using my tablet for this update) but am working as hard as I can. Amazon.com has some nonfiction short books of mine, feel free to check them out.

 12-10-16: Wow, it's been a long time since I updated this site.  For anyone who visits on a regular basis, please excuse my absence as this year hasn't been the best for writing/updating the site.  For starters, I do ALL of my writing at work since I haven't replaced my old computer as of yet.  Secondly, I received a temporary promotion at work in October (lasting through the end of the year) which has eaten away at what little time I get.  I haven't updated this site because I have less than 20 minutes a day to write and I can't waste a second of that.  However, I am unable to write today due to some update to the site I write on, so I'm updating.

That all being said, I am moving later this winter and my time, at least some of it, will be sacrificed.  This upcoming year I plan on completing AT LEAST one book, if not two, as well as fully update this site.  Please stay tuned, I will make necessary changes when they happen.

 5-6-16: Since I last updated this site, I have transferred the days I work and do most of my writing at work.  I haven't released anything new recently, but I plan too soon.  Look for both fiction and non-fiction as I'm writing or thinking about writing every day!

 11-12-15: I realize that it has been months since I last updated this page, but a lot has happened to keep me busy.  

First: I started a new job in August.  That has meant living in two locations until my wife and I find a place close to both of our jobs, one location doesn't provide internet access.

Two: My laptop broke and I lost a lot of information.  At this moment, I'm writing this update on my wife's computer and a couple of buttons don't like to work ('d' and 't').

I haven't been on facebook/twitter in months so while I'm sure my absence has been noted, know that I am still alive.  

 7-9-15:  IMITEX, the villainous corporation in many of my stories (usually unnamed but it's them), has a website you can check out.  While more on that site will eventually be planned, it may give some insight into future story locations...(insert evil laugh here)


 6-19-15: THE COLD TOWER is now a FREE download from Smashwords!  Just click download above to get your free copy today; be sure to tell everyone you know about it so they too can read this great story and get in on this great series!

 5-7-15: 'A Brief History of the Russian Mafia' is now available as an exclusive download for the Amazon Kindle (check out the URL in the e-book section!).  It's $0.99 but check back for deals as it may be part of a sale or even free at some point in the near future.  

 5-6-15: Since it's been some time since my last update, let me make some formal announcements.

JURASSIC audiobook is complete and available for sale.

I have released the first of many non-fiction history books (see, I'm using my college degree for something!) and, should it be approved by Amazon, it will be available exclusively in a day or two.  It is only going to be available for download since it is so short, but that shouldn't be a reason to ignore it.  By the way, its title is 'A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE RUSSIAN MAFIA'

 3-4-15: The audio for JURASSIC is being finalized by ACX and will be available shortly.

 2-26-15:  I know I haven't updated the site since the beginning of the year; but it has been a crazy time (I recently moved and have been dealing with all of the associated tasks).  The CPU with all of my writing on it has basically gone down the crapper so I have to rewrite most things until I can see what is salvageable.  In that regard, some delays are happening.  But not to worry, other things are happening on schedule.  

On a side note, I'm compiling all parts of the Dark Heritage Saga into a single book; Glossary if there is room.

1-2-15:  It's a New Year and time for new things.  So, what's on the docket for me?

-JURASSIC audiobook (in production, more info to come)
-THE SHADOW ROAD audiobook (planned)
-THE LOST WORDS audiobook (planned)
-DRAGON STAR (writing)
-DRAGON ISLAND (writing)
-DARKEST (writing)
-SON OF CAESAR (writing)
-Untitled Dino-Riders Book (writing)
-Attempted Novelization (writing and waiting rights)
-Untitled Sc-Fi story (planned)
-Untitled Anthology (planned)

Now; for the details:
DRAGON STAR is the first fantasy story following the DARK HERITAGE SAGA, though taking place in a different world with different politics and different levels of technology (and a dim view of magic).  I have written a great deal of this story so it should be available within the first few months of 2015.
DRAGON ISLAND is the first in a series of books starring Alan West, an Archaeologist on various adventures around the world.
JURASSIC: GONDWANA is the sequel to JURASSIC; continuing the adventure of John Deacon.  It is currently in the 'planning' stage.
DINOSAURS OF: is going to be a series (NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA, EUROPE/ASIA, AUSTRALIA/ANTARCTICA) that's going to be a non-fiction list of known dinosaurs.  I have just two planned for 2015, but that doesn't mean I can't write more.
CREATURES OF THE NIGHT: SHADOW ZONE is the first sequel in the COTN series (a third is intended at this time).  It is currently in the planning stage.
DARKEST is a horror story with a lot of religious undertone.  I have written a large portion of the story with more than 50% completed.
SON OF CAESAR is the first in the VAMPIRE WARS series, though the full scope of this series is beyond me.  I have nearly finished it as it has taken me more than a year of delays to complete; so it should be available within the first few months of 2015.
DINO-RIDERS is going to be a story based on the toy-line from the 1980s; though I still need to send the proposal to Mattel, I have written more than 50% of the story up to this point.
"NOVELIZATION" is currently unidentified because I'm working to get the rights to officially write this novel.  If I get the rights, I'll make an official announcement of what the story is; however, I have to accept the idea that the novelization won't happen.
"UNTITLED" is a planned, though currently unwritten in any form, science fiction story.  More information will be announced.  As for the anthology; most of it is unwritten and I haven't determined a name for the anthology.  LUSTING FOR DEATH and BECOMING will be included.

12-26-14: To everyone who celebrated the coming of winter over the last couple of days, I hope that it was a special time for you.  I know that it held some unexpected surprises for me.  To those who have yet to celebrate, I wish you well.  If anyone got one of my books or something from my web store, I than you and welcome you.  Know that I have a lot planned for this upcoming year (and something very special for this time next year), though I'll keep it all to a surprise for now.

 12-19-14: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanuka, etc.  The time of the year's end is at hand (the winter solstice is in a few days) and we celebrate each year in our own ways.  If you're still looking for a gift to give for the holidays (and I'm not excluding a New Year's gift), consider a book or a gifted download.  There are three days left to order from Amazon for Christmas (with PRIME).  

 10-3-14: The M.O.T.H.E.R. audiobook was released; now available on ITunes and Audible; soon to be available on Amazon.

 9-22-14: The New Britain Herald (newspaper) has an article about me in it's "local" section.  It was written to correspond with the release of THE COLD TOWER audiobook but focuses on all areas of my writing.  It was released late last night (9-21) but was in today's paper (9-22).

 9-21-14: ITUNES has updated its listing of THE COLD TOWER

 9-18-14:  There's a new author photo on the website, taken on the day of my wedding.

 9-10-14:  I found THE COLD TOWER audiobook on Amazon and ITunes; though ITunes lists the book as "Young Adult"

Links have been updated.  Clicking on the image will bring you the Audible page.

 9-9-14: The audiobook for THE COLD TOWER is available for purchase.  The link to audible.com is above and on the "audio" page; I've been told that it can also be downloaded on Amazon and ITunes though I haven't found those myself.

 9-3-14: The M.OT.H.E.R. audiobook is being checked by ACX for any possible problems before it is released to retail.  Lizzy Andretta, the narrator, uploaded everything so quickly that it took me by surprise.  Let the wait begin; updates will be made as necessary.

 8-28-14:  THE COLD TOWER audiobook is on track to be released.  I don't know the release date, or price, at this time; but I'll post an update as soon as I get it.

 8-20-14: It's time to try again (this is not an exact repeat of the 8-13-14 news but it's similar); the ACX final review of THE COLD TOWER has begun.  It could easily be another 10 to 14 days.
In other audio news, someone is interested in M.O.T.H.E.R. and that will hopefully take-off.

 8-14-14: There are new problems with the audiobook for THE COLD TOWER.  It was so nice of ACX to inform the producer and me about some problems a couple of weeks ago but not all of them; further delaying the release of THE COLD TOWER and subsequent audiobooks in the series.  I'll post another update when more happens. 

 8-13-14: It's time to try again; ACX is again reviewing THE COLD TOWER for quality issues.  Hopefully all of the issues that had existed before have been fixed to ACX's standards.  10-14 days.

 7-25-14: ACX, the audio publisher, is currently reviewing THE COLD TOWER for quality issues.  Barring any problems, the audiobook will be available shortly!  According to Amazon, 'shortly' can be up to 10-14 days.  

 7-24-14: The audiobook for THE COLD TOWER will be finished very soon (next 24-48 hours or so).  But I'll post another update when it's finally available.  If this does as good as predicted, the rest of the Dark Heritage Saga will be recorded for future audiobooks.



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