5-27-21: The full version of my first RPG (HAWTHORN) is available on DriveThruRPG (  It's regularly $46.99 but is on sale for $35.00 until the end of the summer. 

 4-7-21: The Quickstart version of the RPG I wrote is available on DriveThruRPG (  It's Pay-What-You-Want with a suggested $5.00 price.

 1-6-20: Today is a dark day for America. I hope all those currently in and Washington DC are alright. 

 12-10-20: Its the end of the year!!! 2020 is about to end, why not celebrate with a new ebook? All of my ebooks are 50% off or free from December 18 through January 1st. No coupon needed, just put a book in your cart and you're all set. All short stories are free, books are 50% of their normal price, check out for more information.

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 5-7-20: I hope everyone is being safe during these trying times. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

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2-6-19: AMAZON has made some changes to their community guidelines in regards to reviews.  You may notice that reviews you have left on have been removed for either violating the new guidelines or appearing to violate the new guidelines.  Currently, you must purchase one of my books ON AMAZON just to be eligible to leave a review there (unlike before where you could purchase the book elsewhere and leave a review on Amazon; this particular guideline is still in flux, hopefully it'll revert).  For the time being, leave a review to my book either on Smashwords (the only place where you can buy my individual short stories) or GOODREADS (even though Goodreads is an Amazon company, it is not being affected by the new community guidelines).


 The Hawthorn RPG is on sale until the end of summer; regularly 46.99, sale price 35.00. (