"...a grand, sweeping fantasy epic...a can’t-miss thriller for fans of quality fantasy fiction."
Chelsea Perry, Apex Reviews

Peace. Prosperity. Freedom. After fifty years it ends.
In the world of Scyllia darkness is coming. The evil sorcerer Enlokirim has risen from the grave, seeking revenge against those that destroyed him. He searches for the Triangles of Power: nine magical stones that are individually powerful, but even more dangerous together.
Amras Oronar, an outcast elf warrior, leads a group of adventurers in hope of stopping Enlokirim. He is joined by Isla Solwen, a vampire hunter and priestess of the dead; Zara Wolf, a barbarian with a mysterious heritage; and Ginerva Page, a witch that knows the history and power of the Triangles. Together they'll face monstrous creatures both living and dead in an effort to save their world... but is that enough?

"With compelling suspense and breathtaking action, The Shadow Road is another standout fantasy tale from a quickly emerging literary talent. A highly enjoyable read."
Chelsea Perry, Apex Reviews

The dark army is growing.
After defeating the vampire lord Oztool, Amras and his companions must find a way out of the frozen waste of Mystra.
Fingon Darkleaf is being pursued after smuggling Princess Blakenship to safety by an unknown enemy. Only with the help of friends new and old can he hope to keep the innocent child alive.
In times of terror who can you trust?


Fear is spreading.
The dark army of Enlokirim grows while the alliance between Yorshire and Midel begins to crumble.
Amras, Isla, Alliana, and Page continue the journey to seek out the remaining Triangles of Power, but there are new enemies pursuing them; some with the power to rival that of the Gods.
Lauliss, Dineth, and Taniyan hurry to cross the Scission Mountains in hopes of rescuing the kidnapped Rosalyn Blakenship; but a new burden fall on one of them, one which could spell doom for the rest.
Zara, on the road north alone, hopes to convince her former tribe to unite with Yorshire against Enlokirim; fearing what failure would mean.
When the world is falling into chaos, who will be victorious?


The roads were unexpected, unknown, and only now they turn to their destination. But with the end in sight, a new secret must be unearthed. The future of Scyllia depends on it.
Amra Oronar, Isla Solwen, Alliana Oronar, and Page Tarnis must enter a beast that wishes to consume them.
Taniyan Oronar, Dineth, and Lauliss continue their hunt for Rose Blakenship; unaware of Katji Bloodmoon.
Zara has returned to a home she no longer knows. Even as the Allied lands start to crumble, she has faith in success.
The most secretive of things have secrets of their own.


War. Famine. Slavery. They must never return.
After decades of preparation, the evil sorcerer Enlokirim wants to rule the world of Scyllia and burn the heavens. But his desires are impossible when he's attacked from all sides. Allies and enemies turn against him as his dreams of domination are crushed.
Amras Oronar, Alliana Urunar, Page Tarnis, and Isla Solwen move to strike Enlokirim; they have the Archaeon and intend to stop Enlokirim before he can complete his evil desires.
Akaiden Del'Saer and Fingon Darkleaf, the two children of Enlokirim, have turned against their father and plot revenge. With their combined power, they feel unstoppable.
Zara Wolf leads an army of humans and elves against Enlokirim. Another war cannot be allowed to devastate the western lands again. With a shaky alliance fueled by mutual hatred, they must stay together long enough to achieve victory.


The Dark Heritage Saga is about a fantastic world of magic and monsters called Scyllia; but a place so strange that it can be confusing and it's not difficult to get lost. This guide is intended to help the reader navigate the world of Scyllia. But be careful; this guide contains some spoilers, you've been warned.
Who is everybody? Where did they come from? How do you pronounce their names?
Who are the Gods and Goddesses? What do they do? Who prays to them?
How did Yorshire rise to power while Midel crumbled? How did N'Aqua find independence?
And more...

Tales of the Dark and Twisted

From the darkest nightmares they come. Ignorance is truly bliss when confronted with the insanity that lies just beyond the light; but curiosity will pull you in. Horrorscope is a collection of stories of the unknown that resides on the edge of consciousness. Prepare to lose what little sanity you have as you read tales of nightmares.


There are certain natural phenomena humans were never meant to attempt; like reproducing lycanthropy. A mysterious organization, The Carbonari, hope to use lycanthropy to take over the world. The problem: lycanthropy has never been successful. That is about to change.
Dean Levy and his friends participate in a medical experiment that has gone incredibly... right. But with success often comes failure, as Dean and his friends learn.
The Carbonari don't need the Creatures of the Night anymore.


The DARE left Earth-Space in the year 2107 on an important mission to GLIESE 667 Cc; to bring life to the future home of the human race. But something happened in 2108 and the DARE was presumed lost. The DARE sent a distress signal in the year 2114 and hadn't been heard from since: the crew and passengers were presumed dead. In 2153, The DARE unexpectedly returned to Earth-Space, a ghost ship near the planet Mars.
A Search-And-Rescue team led by Sergeant Nicole Foster went to the DARE in search of answers only to discover that a hellish nightmare had taken place.


Jurassic Earth is a land forgotten by time, untouched by the hands of man. But that will all change. Humanity has brought its worst technology to mold this new world to be the world of their choice.
For several hundred years, humans have been able to accidentally travel to a world like that of the Jurassic: dinosaurs roam a world that humans were not meant to know and an alien species is trying to protect. Now, humanity has developed the massive ICARUS, the technology to travel through dimensions at their will; though it isn't safe.
A band of soldiers must do everything that they can to eliminate the alien threat, survive the risks posed by dinosaurs, and revolutionize a world that is not meant for survival.
Welcome to Jurassic Earth...


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